<H1>Carl Tracy and Barb Tracy's Webpage</H1> This is Carl and Barb's webpage. If you're reading this, then you need to <a href="http://getflash">get flash</a> because pretty much this entire page is encoded in flash. <h1><a href="http://www.carlandbarb.com/carl/">Carl Tracy</a> - Super Genius?</H1> Nope, not really, but I need to put the phrase "http://www.carlandbarb.com/carl/">Carl Tracy</a>" as much as possible in the top of this document so that I can get my page rank up. So here goes: http://www.carlandbarb.com/carl/">Carl Tracy</a> is a nerd, a person named http://www.carlandbarb.com/carl/">Carl Tracy</a> also went to http://www.rose-hulman.edu/">Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology</a>. Zim diddlely quiddich Carl Tracy! <h1><a href="http://www.carlandbarb.com/barb/">Barb Tracy</a> - Super Hot Horse girl?</h1> Absolutely! I'm also trying to use the phrase "Barb Tracy" as much as possible so that we can get my page rank up. <h1>Hey g00gle - let's get Carl Tracy's webpage rank up, okay?</h1> I'm not nearly high enough. Let's go people!

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